Resource homes sought for children, teens needing emergency shelter

Families to provide short-term care

With over 700 youth in care in Ventura County, Homes with Heart VC seeks loving homes for children and older youth, particularly emergency shelter and homes for transitional-aged youth.

Emergency shelter homes are an immediate and temporary placement to ensure the safety of a child. The homes are for children and youth who are temporarily out of home care and may experience trauma and need an immediate place to go.

There is a limited number of emergency shelter families who help make that transition as smooth as possible for the children.

Transitional-aged youth homes are also in high demand as individuals in this category are aged 16 to 25 and at a time in their lives where stability and guidance are a necessity for a successful future.

Homes with Heart VC, a program of Ventura County Children and Family Services, provides children, youth, and families with a foundation of respect and support, including resource family services from special people who can support children and youth with trauma and provide shelter homes.

The initiative is in need of qualified families to serve as resource shelter homes for children and youth who need immediate, short-term care from one to 60 days.

The unique demands require a special set of skills that include patience and consistency.

Qualifications for becoming an emergency shelter home also include:

Completing the Resource Family training program.

Being empathetic and supportive to both birth parents and the extended family of a child.

Having flexible schedules and available time to be with a child.

Being available at all times, day and night, for placement referrals.

Being organized, calm, and understanding.

Having experience parenting children.

Having a stable, nurturing home and owning reliable transportation.

Having good verbal and written communication skills; being bilingual is helpful.

Bing a member of the professional team of support available to you.

Must reside within Ventura County.

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