Antisemitic flyers distributed in Moorpark

Antisemitic flyers were distributed throughout the Parkview Estates neighborhood near Peach Hill in Moorpark sometime between July 1 and 2.

The incident was reported on the Nextdoor app. Over 60 flyers in small plastic bags also containing pebbles or sand were left on lawns and driveways. Others were found on sidewalks, near bushes or beneath cars.

A resident brought the flyers to the attention of Rabbi Shimy Heidingsfeld, leader of the Chabad Jewish Center of Moorpark.

Heidingsfeld said the event does not represent the people of Moorpark, and it concerns everybody, Jews and non-Jews alike.

“I can’t see how this shameful act could be from a resident who lives here, because people in Moorpark are kind and wonderful people,” the rabbi said. “We live in a city where everyone loves each other, respects each other and helps each other.”

Once several community members noticed the flyers, they cleared many of them away before police arrived.

“It just shows the care and concern of the people in our community,” Heidingsfeld said.

When contacted, the Moorpark Police Department would not comment on the flyers other than to say the incident was under investigation.

“This is an act of bigotry and hate, and it did bring some measure of darkness. We can counteract that and restore what we have in this beautiful community with positivity, love and acts of kindness,” Heidingsfeld said.

If any Jewish home or resident needs assistance in light of this event, the rabbi said they may reach out to the Chabad Jewish Center at (805) 242-2232.