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Schools chief clarifies registration process

/// Moorpark Unified School District
By Kelli Hays
Special to the Acorn

With the first day of school, Aug. 23, right around the corner, the Moorpark Unified School District is well underway in accepting registrations for the 2017- 18 school year. Although registration began in February 2017, the district continues to receive a steady amount of registrations until the first day of school. This is often due to families moving into the area.

Recently there have been questions regarding the enrollment process for students in transitional kindergarten through eighth grade. It is always the district’s goal to register a student at the school the parent has chosen, but unfortunately, this is not always possible due to state class size restrictions.

As per the California Education Code, schools may not exceed a student-to-teacher ratio of 24 to 1 in transitional kindergarten through third-grade classes. If this ratio is exceeded, a school district is penalized a percentage of its state funding. In addition, class-size parameters for grades four through 12 are set and must be maintained.

At the time of registration, if a grade level at a specific school is at the class-size limit, the parent is given other school options within the district.

Transportation is provided for these students. At the parent’s request, a student may be placed on a waiting list for the preferred school. In many cases, an opening occurs at the school and the students on the waiting list are notified immediately. Please note that all students living in Moorpark will be placed and welcomed in Moorpark schools.

Registrations for the preschool programs are accepted at the Early Childhood Center at 240 Flory Ave. Registrations for transitional kindergarten through eighth grade are accepted at the district’s enrollment center at 5297 Maureen Lane. Registrations for high school students are accepted at the high schools.

Registration forms, as well as other information, may be found on the district’s website at www.mrpk.org.

It is always MUSD’s intent to accommodate parents’ requests for their children’s school placement. Unfortunately, due to restrictions beyond our control, this is not always possible. In these cases, we work with the families to ensure a successful year for their children.

At all times, we are here to work with and guide our families through this process. All our Moorpark schools are exemplars in Ventura County. We are proud of the high-quality educational experience our teachers and staff provide to all of our students.

Hays is superintendent of Moorpark Unified School District.

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