2017-08-11 / Editorials

Bringing attention to those behind the scenes


Moorpark is often called a small town. Those who’ve grown up here and are now raising families are usually closer than one degree of separation and those who move here more often than not find a tight-knit group of friends. Bound by a child’s activity, a school, a neighborhood or a social circle, chances are we all have someone we know in common.

One of the less talked about ties that bind us are those created in the houses of worship we attend. Indeed, churches and synagogues often serve as their own miniature community. And though each faith holds its differing beliefs, values and practices, by and large, it’s fair to say that each one seeks to make the world a brighter, safer and more peaceful place.

No doubt we’ll receive letters disputing these claims, but we’ll leave that debate for another time.

For now, however, we’re interested in the behind-the-scenes people who help make our faith communities possible. Not the church leaders, but the volunteers who do the day-to-day jobs that are rarely talked about in worship services but are necessary nonetheless.

They don’t do it for a paycheck or for the kudos. They do it because the jobs have to get done and because volunteerism has, for a variety of reasons, become more the exception than the rule.

So we turn to you, Moorpark, and your collective knowledge of your community. Please send us the names of those unsung volunteers in your faith circle. We’d like to bring some attention to the good work they’re doing.

A few weeks ago we did a feature story on Natalie Myers, an 18-year-old, who has made herself a leader in the youth ministry at Community Christian Church simply because she was willing to help out when asked. There will certainly be more such stories in the future.

Standing up and saying “I’ll do it” is difficult (and sometimes scary) because the alternative—simply doing nothing—is so much easier. But we know there are many out there who’ve answered the call in their faith community and we want to share their stories.

To submit a name of a volunteer, please email moorpark@theacorn.com.

We’d bet you probably already have someone in mind.

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