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Lost lunch money case remains ongoing

Though there are no new developments in the case regarding allegations that workers at Moorpark High School stole cash from its food services department, police say they’re still working to put the pieces together.

“The case is still very active,” said Moorpark Police Detective Ken Truitt.

Truitt said it’s hard to say when the investigation will be completed; the suspected crime was reported in late November.

“I think a couple months would be fair,” he said. “The majority of the interviews have been completed.”

The detective declined to say how many people were involved or how much money was missing.

Truitt said police are working to cross their t’s and dot their i’s before they file a report to the district attorney’s office.

“Until we get the case ready (to send to the district attorney), I really don’t have anything else,” he said.

Superintendent Kelli Hays told the Moorpark Acorn in November that the money stolen “(appeared) to be an amount that would not have affected the daily operations of past years or this current year’s budget.”

“The district has temporarily changed the control procedures with regard to cash management at the high school until permanent changes are implemented and staff is trained accordingly,” the superintendent said. “The district has taken steps to ensure that any such fraudulent activity has stopped and that any cash collected by food services is properly accounted for and deposited appropriately.”

Caitlin Trude

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