2007-08-03 / Community

Road rage incident leads to arrest

Jerry William Rice, 44, of Moorpark, was arrested for allegedly brandishing a gun at California Department of Transportation workers early Monday afternoon.

The Caltrans workers called authorities to report that a man in a silver Mercedes was waving a gun at them while they were driving north on Walnut Canyon at Casey Road.

"The incident is probably road rage-related because the Caltrans truck wasn't going as fast as the culprit wanted," said Detective Edwin Ilano of the Moorpark Police Department.

Rice was arrested at gunpoint when deputies found his vehicle parked at the curb in the 300 block of High Street.

The vehicle was searched. In addition to a .45-caliber handgun, deputies said, they found a metal pipe with an attached 6-inch ice pick, knives, black gloves, latex gloves, a law enforcement badge, nightvision binoculars, other binoculars, black tape and rope.

Rice was booked at the Ventura County Jail for possession of an illegal firearm and brandishing it. He was later released on a $20,000 bail, but the investigation is continuing, said Ilano.

"It's a reminder to drivers that simple road rage incidents can quickly gravitate into something else. People are rushed for everything and traffic is getting worse. But you never want to take things into your own hands; it's best to call the authorities if you see something suspicious," the detective said.

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