2003-10-09 / Community

CLU program takes students to global marketplace

Students at California Lutheran University (CLU) now have the opportunity to experience business communication on a global scale thanks to a new "transnational classroom" that provides for daily e-mail communication, digital photograph exchange and video-conferencing with fellow students located around the world. The first video-conference is scheduled with World Bank on Oct. 22.

"Success in today’s global, corporate environment means dealing with different cultures, languages, time zones and communication technologies," says Dr. Jessica Ramos-Harthun, a professor of Spanish at CLU.

The first videoconference sponsored through this program will be held on Oct. 22 (noon to 1:55 p.m.) and will focus on NAFTA and its impact in today’s society. The purpose of the videoconference is to familiarize students with the goals and visions of the World Bank and deepen students’ understanding of U.S. foreign policy within the Americas. Participants will be students, educators and scholars in the fields of political sciences and business, Latin American and international studies.

The transnational classroom is a collaborative effort between CLU and the University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB). Ramos-Harthun and Dr. Lourdes Sanchez-Lupez of UAB have worked together to implement the program. A transnational classroom program is also being implemented at the Insitituto Tecnolugico Autunomo de Mexico and Denison University in Ohio.

With a student body encompassing more than 30 foreign countries, the transnational classroom is just one of many programs at CLU which embrace diversity and encourage international cooperation. The school currently has an International MBA program which includes students from Sweden, Germany, Taiwan, Korea and other countries. Students from CLU conversely study abroad as part of the campuses’ foreign exchange program.

For more information, visit www.clunet.edu or call the University at (805) 493-3151.

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